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Attend FundersCon to hear and learn…

…what European angel investors can learn from Silicon Valley angels
…investment best practices with streamlined investment processes
…why valuation negotiation may cause massive company value degradation
…how FinTech may completely disrupt the Venture Capital Business
…how FINMA helps to create liquidity in the startup market
…best ways to maiximize a startup investment outcome
…investment mega-trends on a global scale
…Switzerland on it’s way to the world’s leading innovation investment market place

Investing in Startups – and exiting anytime

FundersCon Investor Conference gives you access to startups before bigger investors locked them down is often very difficult if not impossible. Exiting a startup under way seem to be another great hurdle for many investors. Learn why that pain is over now.  This Investor Conference will provide key insights about what to consider when investing in startups and fast growing businesses and how to exit when you want to. FundersCon is the worldwide first conference of its kind.  



alain-Friedrich FundersCon speaker - Axel Schultze FundersCon Speaker - Bettina Vossberg FundersCon Moderator - Michiel Hamberg FundersCon speaker - Stephane Rousset FundersCon speaker - Stephen Wright
Alain Friedrich Startup Lawyer Axel Schultze CEO Society3 Bettina Vossberg HighTech Startbahn Michiel Hamberg Startup Mentor Stéphane Rousset Investor Stephen Wright Investor  


2FundersCon Program Overview

  One Day Conference:  10:00 – 17:00

  • The changing face of Venture Capital Axel Schultze Macroeconomic impact of Startups and necessity of more effective fundraising processes New FinTech company is aleviating VC management fees and carried-interest Startup investors get an all new exit possibility and liquidity in the startup market !!!
  • Best startup investment strategies Bettina Vossberg Moving from experimentation to methodical startup investments What stages of startups are most interesting? What types of startups to go after, what criteria counts? How to identify, evaluate and select startup investment opportunities
  • What it takes to nurture a 20x return potential Stéphane Rousset Despite all opportunities, there is no quick money when investing in startups Startup investment need special treatment in order to become successful Why startups look for smart money and what it actually means How you get significantly more influence in your investment success with startups
  • Digital Startup Investment Processes Alain Friedrich Going from an Initial Private Placement (IPP) all the way to an exit What if you need to divest – meaning exit a startup investment How to enter a startup investment at a later stages when it looks like the entry door is closed
  • Startup Investors Experience with: Bettina Vossberg, Stephane Rousette, Stephen Write moderated by Michiel Hamberg Fire chat about the biggest successes, the biggest mistakes
  • Mega Trends – Swiss Vision 2025 Axel Schultze Future Innovation Financing location with a globally unique structure Financing innovative businesses from around the world


3FundersCon Logistics

Who should attend FundersCon

  • Business Angels and individual Startup Investors
  • Institutional Investors interested in investing in selected startups directly
  • Investment managers, family offices
  • Investors interested in investing in startups and fast growing innovative companies

Conference Takeaway

  • You will learn an all new way to divest anytime and be able to market your startup shares
  • You will hear about solid startup investment strategies to further mitigate your risk
  • Hear about the Swiss Vision 2025 and how Switzerland will become the world’s most important Innovation Financing Market
  • You will meet many successful Angel Investors and learn from each other

Conference Language
All presentations are in English

Zürich At the Zürich Airport

Conference Fee: 
Registered Investors: CHF 345 

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